25 Things To Love About DevOps

Here are 30 things the community loves about DevOps:

Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub, USA

  • DevOps is constantly changing and expanding. 
  • It makes the lives of developers and operation teams better through automation. 
  • DevOps can never be defined completely. 
  • It enables me to continuously learn new things.

Pradip Ghosh, Business Consultant, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Hyderabad, India

  • DevOps is a continuous learning opportunity.
  • It balances people, process and technology (tools). 
  • It enables the team towards one goal rather than individual goals. 

Gautham Pallapa, Founder, Transformity, San Francisco, US

  • DevOps is rooted in empathy – developers and operators get to focus on their high-value activity and reduce manual toil. 
  • It elevates the quality of life by increasing automation and eliminating process overhead. 
  • Encourages shared learning and increased collaboration.

Vandana Verma Sehgal, Security Relations Leader, Snyk, India

  • DevOps is the new way of envisioning the organisation working. 
  • Setting up the right culture to attain the best from each area, people, process and technology.
  • It is never a destination but a journey to improve and make things more efficient and meaningful.

Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute, UK

  • DevOps is focused on human experience; sustainable working, joy and psychological safety in the workplace.
  • DevOps has a measurable impact on organizational performance; increasing throughput and quality means better customer experience, contributing directly to the bottom line. 
  • It constantly pushes the boundaries, there is no end to a DevOps journey as organizations around the world continue to discover and share new approaches and technologies to improve continuously.

Simone Jo Moore, Humanising IT, SJM, France

  • It is dynamic, never static, so it stays in sync with the business.
  • It is not the end game yet can play across the field with other frameworks to help the business score the winning goals.

Adit Modi, Cloud Consultant, Digital-Alpha, India

  • It is a continuously evolving practice. As a relatively new methodology, DevOps is prone to continuous developments and enhancements, making it an exciting time to join the profession. 
  • There are endless possibilities to learn and develop. A DevOps career allows you to deploy a broad set of skills that you are constantly refining due to the new challenges you solve every day. 
  • It makes a real business impact. One of the main drivers for DevOps Engineers is the opportunity to truly deliver tangible business outcomes within the role.

Lohith GS, SRE Consultant, Bangalore, India

  • The team collaboration between Development, Infra, and Operations as they communicate on issue identification and RCA Analysis is now easier with DevOps tools.
  • DevOps and SRE working concepts have made infrastructure implementation and maintenance smooth and workable.
  • DevOps-based infra concepts have made the migration from Data Centers ON-Prem to Cloud is more realistic and time-bound.
  • DevOps tools are easy to understand, easy to learn, and implemented very fast.

As you can see, there are many reasons to love DevOps! After all, it is the key enabler for digital transformation along with cloud computing. DevOps is multidimensional – encompassing human aspects, processes, frameworks, tools and technology. The movement seeks to optimize organizational performance – how could you not love that? 

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