v 3.3.1



The Administrator has decided to provide a Quality Management System, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, suitable for achieving the following objectives:

  • change the identification, development and management of activities towards a greater correspondence to the training demand;
  • satisfy the training needs of the members;
  • provide training aimed at the business world;
  • offer the opportunity for technicians to maintain a level of skills appropriate to the times;
  • promote continuous training at all levels;
  • continuously increase the degree of customer / user satisfaction;
  • continuously improve the performance of the Quality management system.

The Administrator undertakes to ensure that the Quality Policy adopted is implemented and supported at all levels of the organization through the following tools:

  • the use of adequate human and material resources;
  • training and continuous information of internal staff and control of external staff;
  • systematic control of customer needs and satisfaction;
  • the distribution of the QMS documentation in all workplaces so that it is accessible to committed staff;
  • continuous surveillance of the system through Internal Audits conducted by adequately trained personnel;
  • the periodic review of the QMS, in relation to the objectives defined in the policy.

The Administrator undertakes to communicate and make this Policy understood at all levels of the Organization and to periodically review it to verify its continued suitability.

HRV.SWISS Sagl undertakes a twice yearly formal review of the Quality Management System and associated documentation with documented resulting actions.

All delegates and trainers are encouraged to provide formal feedback after every training course.

Feedback can be provided by filling in the forms manually, electronically or it can be provided in free-format verbally.

All feedback is gathered, analysed and where appropriate improvement actions are taken and changes are made to the processes or course materials.

The organisation log suggestions and act accordingly.

Feedback provided is processed and the results stored on the Quality/Feedback folder on the Company Server.

All staff is encouraged to make suggestions for improvement of processes or materials. Suggestions for improvement are recorded in the Change Log, stored on the Quality/Change Log folder on the Company Server, and reviewed at every management meeting.

Training records / meeting minutes are maintained to demonstrate that the relevant staff has received appropriate training on the quality management system and its procedures. This information is stored in the Company Server. All staff has a responsibility in ensuring quality.

The Administrator ensures that the processes run and the outputs are collected.

In addition, attention to the wishes, expectations and needs of the participants in the training course is the main objective of HRV.SWISS Sagl.

The level of customer satisfaction is monitored and verified by means of a specific feedback evaluation questionnaire, that will be statistically put in place at the end of each formative process.