Six Sigma

At the heart of the #LeanSixSigma®️ approach is the five-step process: DMAIC.
✔️Define: that means everything relating to a process, starting with what a customer wants; identifying what is critical to quality and defining each step in the process, covering the who, what, which materials and outputs? 
✔️Measure: what are the critical factors along the way, such as inventory, time, number of defects, time spent on reworks, etc.
✔️Analyse: what does the data tell you? Where is the production process being held up? What factors may be affecting the quality of the output?
✔️Improve: how do you fix things? How do you speed up process flow? How do you manage inventory? 
✔️Control: what controls do you need in place to get feedback and to assure the fixes remain in place?

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